Descendants of Cornelis JAARSMA

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I.1    Cornelis JAARSMA, born on 17-08-1867 in Ternaard (Westdongeradeel), died 1938 in Hinckley, MN, son of Oege JAARSMA and Geertje Harmens MARTENS.
Married at the age of 32 on 04-12-1899 to Duurtdina DELGER, born on 28-04-1879 in Finsterwolde, the Netherlands, died in Hinckley, Pine County, Minnesota, daughter of Pieter DELGER and Auke WESSELS.
From this marriage:

   1.  Otto Cornelius (see also II.1).
   2.  Winnie G. (see also II.4).

II.1    Otto Cornelius JAARSMA, born on 04-10-1900 in Hinckley, Minnesota, died on 28-08-1958 in Hinckley at the age of 57, son of Cornelis JAARSMA (see also I.1) and Duurtdina DELGER.
Married at the age of 24 on 08-07-1925 to Bernice LAMB, born on 18-06-1905 in Harris, Iowa, died in Sandstone, Minnesota.
From this marriage:
   1.  Lyle Curtis (see also III.1).

III.1    Lyle Curtis JAARSMA, born in Hinckley, Minnesota, son of Otto Cornelius JAARSMA (see also II.1) and Bernice LAMB.
Married in Piny County, Minnesota to Carole NORDRUM.
From this marriage:
   1.  Steven Lyle (see also IV.1).
   2.  Gregory, born in Hennepin Co, MN.
   3.  Lee Ann M, born in Ramsey Co, MN.
Married in MN to Michael O'BRIEN.

IV.1    Steven Lyle JAARSMA, born in Hennepin Co, MN, son of Lyle Curtis JAARSMA (see also III.1) and Carole NORDRUM.
Married in Kandiyohi, Minnesota, USA to Kathy R. GERDES.
From this marriage:
   1.  Nicole Dawn, born in Willmar, MN.
   2.  Joshua Steven, born in Willmar, MN.
   3.  Brittany June, born in Willmar, MN.

II.4    Winnie G. JAARSMA, born on 01-08-1903 in Hinckley, MN, died in Hinckley, MN, daughter of Cornelis JAARSMA (see also I.1) and Duurtdina DELGER.
Married at the age of 24 on 09-06-1928 to Otto SCHNEIDER, born on 04-10-1900, died in Hinckley, MN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Stanley.
   2.  Donald, born in Hinckley.
   3.  Charles, born in Hinckley.
   4.  Leonard, born in Hinckley, MN.

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