Cornelius & Herman

Cornelius Jaarsma
Harmen Jaarsma

The two brothers, Cornelius and Harmen Jaarsma

came to America in the late 1890s and settled in Pella.

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Cornelius wanted to be a farmer and there was a huge forest fire in Minnesota that destroyed thousands of acres of trees. The land was for sale and it was very inexpensive because of the fire. Cornelius was young and unmarried and decided to move there because some other Dutch people were going to do the same thing. He bought land in Hinckley, MN and married in 1899 the Dutch girl Duurtdina Delger (from Finsterwolde (Gr.)) and his family stayed in that area until the third generation. Some remained, but most left Hinckley.       

Harmen was a baker (in Peasens) when he left Friesland and started working for a Dutch baker in  bakery/coffee shop in his home. Later he bought a building on the town square and opened a cold bakery there. He continued baking in his home. He delivered bread and pastries to the homes of his customers if they placed an order with him. He used a horse and wagon for his deliveries.

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