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" It's one of the unfortunate parts of immigration that later generations tend to loose most, if not all connections to the family history."


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HolwerdWillem (William) Jaarsma (1859-1935)

A short time after his marriage on January 7, 1891 at Delfzijl with Jakoba Vera (1863-1938) , Willem Jaarsma and his wife depart on February 7, 1891 with the ship Spaarndam to the United States of America.

                     Their nine children are born in the USA : John (1891), Edward (1892), Anna (~1894), Jessie (1895), Katie (1897), Louise (~1900), William (1901), Henry (1903) and Dorathy (1906)


Cornelis (Cornelius) Jaarsma (1867-1938)Holwerd

On March 25 1892 Cornelis Jaarsma, son of Oege Jaarsma and Geertje Harmens Martens departs to Northern America. He married Duurtdina Delger in 1899. Their children Otto Cornelius (1900-1959) and Winnie (1903-1964) are born in Hinckley



Koudum DPieter (Peter John) Jaarsma (1873-1957)

Pieter Jaarsma, son of Jan Jaarsma and Neeltje Pieters Speerstra arrives in New York with the "Veendam" on April 28 1892, He married  about 1897 Annie Peterson. Their three children, Alice (1910-1992), Anne (1912-1990) and Walter P (1916-1983) are born in New Jersey



SneekMarten (Martin) Jaarsma (1870-1961)

Marten Jaarsma, son of Doede Arjens Jaarsma and Akke Kok, arrived together with his future wife Okje Haven, on May 31 1893 with the ship "de Maasdam" in New York. 





HolwerdHarmen (Herman) Jaarsma (1869-1954)


Harmen Jaarsma, son of Oege Jaarsma and Geertje Harmens Martens and brother of Cornelis Jaarsma, was a baker in Paesens when he left Friesland. On March 12 1894 he departs from Rotterdam with the  s.s. Amsterdam and arrives April 3 1894 in New York. His destination is Pella.


SneekKlaas (Charles) Jaarsma (1871-1942)


Klaas Jaarsma,  son of Freerk Thysses Jaarsma and Ytje Schaafsma, came to America on April 7 1896. He came with his friend Jacob Kooistra.  Upon arriving in America Klaas changed his name to Charles Jaarsma and ended up in Whitinsville Massachusetts with a group of Dutch people.

SneekJohn Sidney (Sintrines) Ja(a)rsma (1880-1965)

In 1902 Sintrinus Jaarsma, son of Thijs Jaarsma and Jeltje Plekker, emigrates to the USA. On June 5 1902 he left Antwerpen (Belgium) with the s.s. Vaderland and arrives on July 15 in New York. His destination is a friend, John, in Whitinsville, MA. His name Sintrines gives probable problems and he changes this in John Sidney Jarsma.


WorkumIege Martinus Jaasma (1879-1960)

On January 22 1900 Iege Martinus Jaasma arrives with the SS Rotterdam for the first time in New York. He goes to his uncle J. Kraft in Little Falls, New Jersey. On August 20 1902 he emigrates to the United States and goes to his uncle Willem Cellis (Zelle)  who lives in Little Falls too.


Reinder (Renold) Jaarsma (1872)

On Januari 14 1908 Reinder Jaarsma, son of Cornelis Jaarsma and Rikje Haarsma arrives with MS Rijndam in New York together with his wife Hendrikje Gorter and their son Corneli(u)s (1897-1966)

Otto Simon Jaarsma (1883-1952)Workum

On June 19 1912 Otto Simon Jaarsma, son of Simon Jaarsma and Scheltina Alagonda Lutjeboer, arrives with SS Rijndam in New York.  He goes to Harmen Harsma in Pella, Iowa


Harmen Wietze (Harry William) Jaarsma (1914-2000)Koudum D

The first child of Harmen Wietze Jaarsma and Oedske (Evelyn) Pruiksma, marriage March 1, 1939  in the Netherlands, is born at the end of 1939 in Michigan, USA


Koudum DWiebe Durk (William Durk) Jaarsma (1929)

Wiebe Durk Jaarsma, son of  Gerben Jaarsma and Ietske van Noggeren, arrives in 1947 in the USA. He is 18 years old.

SneekKlaas Jaarsma (1906-1984)

Klaas Jaarsma, son of Ate Klazes Jaarsma and Grietje van der Molen, and his wife Anna Wilhelmina Hartogh immigrated before (1939) the Second World War to Brasil and after this War to Canada

SneekThijs Jaarsma (1897-1987)

In 1949 Thijs Jaarma, his wife Hiltje Hibma and eleven of their thirteen children left Langweer in The Netherlands and emigrate to Canada. Daughter Amarens and son Klaas stay in Friesland.

SneekDoede Douwes Jaarsma (1911-1995) and his sister Gettje Douwes Jaarsma (1909-1993)

In 1951 Doede Jaarma, his wife Hilje Dijkema and their three children left The Netherlands and emigrate to Paterson, Nw.Jersey, USA.  Gettje (Grace), her husband Jan (John) Aukema and the children Nellie and David emigrate to the USA after  1938.


SneekKeimpe (Dick) Jaarsma (1933-2006)

On May 8 1953 Keimpe Jaarsma, son of Johannes Jaarsma en Sibbeltje Leenstra, emigrates to Creston, BC, Canada.


Koudum D

Jacob Jaarsma (1917-2001)      

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